We have written for big and small companies and about many subjects. In this list, you will find some of our clients whom we wrote for and about.

Arkansas Against Common Core is an educational organization; we wrote a detailed article about its history and goals.

Belvidere is a beautiful town in New Jersey. We wrote an article about its history.

Delegate David Vogt is an American politician and a veteran who toured in Afghanistan. He is running for Congress. Facebook.

Gabriel Urist is a jewelry designer and an outstanding metal bender; he designed for Nike and G-Shock. Facebook. Instagram.

Michele Renee Hair & Makeup - We wrote a detailed review of their services.

Penn State Health, St. Joseph - A humongous hospital - We wrote about services and examined them.

The Front Porch is a seafood restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida - We wrote an article review about them. Facebook.

Tiny Empire is a Juice Bar in NYC serving healthy juices and organic food.

Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman is one of the top wine shops in Walla Walla, Washington

That was just a quick overview of some of the articles we wrote in one project. And, really, the list goes on and on! We also wrote numerous reviews and biographies and how to articles. We wrote about subjects ranging from science, and business to finance and to parent, to design lifestyle, and politics.
We are serious about what we do.

Transcription work

Writing articles about longevity and anti-aging

Writing blog posts & Copywriting

Writing articles on internet marketing


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