Self-confidence vs. Arrogance

If your body wear clothes, your soul wears self-confidence. Too many people confuse confidence to arrogance. Just like they misinterpret kindness as weakness. There is a world of difference between the two.

To me, self-confidence is being able to accept criticism without taking it personally. You decide who you are, but don't make that decision based on the opinions of others.

Self-confidence is about giving compliments, without robbing oneself of self-esteem. I will take about self-esteem in the next episode. For now, I mean that to compliment somebody else doesn't mean you must degrade yourself.

Arrogance, on the other hand, is putting oneself above others, unjustifiably. It is the tearing down of others in an attempt to appear brighter, and it is counterproductive.

There is really a significant difference between self-confident and arrogance.

Accomplishment nourishes self-confidence, but it really comes from within. Arrogance is just born out of a need to stand out with nothing to show for it.

Know the difference.


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