Soon to be an Ain Shams University graduate

[This blog post first appeared as my Facebook status]

Today will mark the day of my last exam. As you know, I have mixed feelings about college education. I already have my online business; I'm already learning about the things that interest me. Machine learning, AI, VR, and more. So, everything I want to learn is at my fingertips.
Like a rising Phoenix, I got back to college and made some progress on that front. It will be a few months until I graduate. I've gone all these years struggling with my education, but I'm now resolved and focused on nailing that degree.
I don't see how I will use it, but I know it gives me so much social proof. It gives me an edge, so to speak. Higher education doesn't mean much these days, but for me, it opens a new chance for starting a new business sometime in the future. Because legal practice requires education, license, etc.
There are still few steps ahead, but I can and will do it.
The last few weeks, I've studied loads of legal books and put my time in some research. Overall, I think I did a good job with the exams. My online presence suffered a little bit, so if I don't post more often you know that I'm studying, going to exams, going to college, etc.
I've lacked some perspective in my life lately. I don't know, but I feel working on the college degree gave me a sense of meaning and purpose. Whether I put the degree into practice and use or just hang it on my wall like a trophy, I still have earned it.
The joy is in the process, not in the outcome.


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