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Soon to be an Ain Shams University graduate

[This blog post first appeared as my Facebook status]

Today will mark the day of my last exam. As you know, I have mixed feelings about college education. I already have my online business; I'm already learning about the things that interest me. Machine learning, AI, VR, and more. So, everything I want to learn is at my fingertips. Like a rising Phoenix, I got back to college and made some progress on that front. It will be a few months until I graduate. I've gone all these years struggling with my education, but I'm now resolved and focused on nailing that degree. I don't see how I will use it, but I know it gives me so much social proof. It gives me an edge, so to speak. Higher education doesn't mean much these days, but for me, it opens a new chance for starting a new business sometime in the future. Because legal practice requires education, license, etc. There are still few steps ahead, but I can and will do it. The last few weeks, I've studied loads of le…

Free SEO Tools You Should Know About

If you like SEO tools and you’re a fan of free stuff, you’re going to like this list of free SEO tools.
Backlink Investigation 1. Open Site Explorer: 2. Majestic SEO Site Explorer: 3. Ahrefs Site Explorer: 4. Link Diagnosis: iAcquire presents Link Diagnosis - examine your link competition
Server Investigation 1. BuiltWith: BuiltWith Technology Lookup 2. Pingdom Full Page Test: 3. Google PageSpeed: 4. URI Valet: 5. SpyOnWeb: Research Tool - Internet Competitive Intelligence
Website Crawling & Link Checking 1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool: 2. Xenu’s Link Sleuth: Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) 3. W3C Link Checker: W3C Link Checker
Content & Markup Analysis 1. SEO Browser: Free SEO Software Tool & Text Browser, Search En…