This Instagram Trick Will Double Your Engagement!

The power of Instagram is in using the correct hashtags. The more accurate your use of hashtags, the more your popularity will increase. And you would stand a chance to show up on the search feeds.

That's why we recommend that your profile have a theme, and that your pictures also have a theme too.

If you know how to use hashtags this is not for you, but if you want how to discover and use hashtags this is for you.

It applies to everyone, but we will take photography as an example. All you need to do is opening the search function in Instagram and search for #photography in the tags tab.

If should look like this:

Ahmed Adel Blog Instagram
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No grab a pen and paper, or open a Word file and call it Instagram Hashtag Research, this is 2016 after all.

Now choose the hashtags that have most activity, but not too much activity. Because you won't stand a chance if your account is small. Ideally, choose the hashtags with good engagements but not too high.

Now that you have your hashtag list, it's time to upload your picture.

Use as many hashtags as necessary but not more than 30 hashtags, because Instagram will cut anything past 30 hashtags. 

If you've been wondering why your posts on Instagram doesn't get much love, now you know. Use hashtags wisely.

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