How Glass Will Transform Your Home



The glass is one of the most ancient decorative material used by human beings. Historically, the Phoenicians were the first to discover and use glass. Now glass has many applications in technology, and practically everywhere you look, anything you use has glass as one of its components.


Glass is Beautiful


Glass is a very dutiful and obedient material. It can be shaped, cut, and manipulated in more than one way to meet each need, when it comes to home improvement we think of having a new paint, new furniture, new plants for the garden, and so on. Though Glass may be the last thing we decide to improve, it is more economical than other options, and it gives your home a luxurious, but subtle feel.


There are many ways you can incorporate the use of glass to make your home look more modern and feel more luxurious, and inviting. In this article, we are not trying to convince you of anything; we just want you to see the myriad of uses you have in the glass. So after this long introduction (sorry!) let's jump right in, first, let's ask why glass in particular?


Well, glass is relatively cheaper, it is easier to install, doesn't take too long to dry like painting, doesn't require much effort as well. However, installing a new glass door may take a day, and sometimes longer depending on how many pieces of glass. For home purposes, glass is one of the quickest ways to give your home a fresh, new look. Second, glass is safe to install; it protects you and your children. Glass is beautiful and endure for a long time when you take care of it.


Glass and Wood


A good way to make furniture shines is installing glass on it. Glass differs in colors and thickness, the most common type of glass for tables is 6mm float glass. Glass is used to cover wooden, or metal tables, and is known to give it protection and a nicer look.


Glass can also be installed in wooden windows and doors, not all glass is transparent, some kinds of glass are engraved so that it hides what's behind it.




The glass is also a form of visual art, many artists around the world create wonderful pieces of art made of glass, you do not have to get a masterpiece, but using these little gems gives your home a personal touch, and beautify it.


Stained Glass


These are the kind of glass we see in churches, but it is also being used on gates in big houses, and it can be very appealing when the sun set the rays go through the colored glass and create a dreamy sensation for the onlookers. Stained glass is also a form of art, and prices can be very high for a good piece. However, you can find a cheaper alternative, or even learn to do it yourself!




I cannot imagine a home without a mirror. Every home must have one of those, not just for vanity purposes; a strategically places mirror can make your home look more spacious and welcoming, even when you are the owner you will not be able to tell how it happened because it is a subconscious thing. However, mirrors are always a good home improvement when you need to add a personal touch.




There are many uses for glass, for example, did you know that VIPs use glass that is rocket-resistance in their cars? Yes, that is true.


In Conclusion


However, to conclude this article, I want to add one additional use for the glass to make your home look more than amazing, which is frames for photos. Glass is the protective shield employed in frames to protect your pictures and posters. So when you put up a frame in your living room or bedroom, remember to put glass on it to make it shinier than without a piece of glass.


Finally, from wine glasses to mobile screens, glass is here to stay, and we find more uses for it every day. It is without a doubt one of the best ways to improve the shape of your home.


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