Freeze! Do You Know How to Identify Your Real Skin Type Before You Buy Lotions?

Skin care requires no small amount of attention. First, you should identify your skin type to choose the suitable treatment for you. Sometimes shit happens and people use dry skin treatments for oily skin.
Results vary from disastrous to useless. Thus, you must learn with Lionesse Beauty Bar the indicators that reveal your exact skin type. Moreover, always know the perfect and safe treatments to use for your particular skin type.
Before buying your moisturizer, makeup remover, or foundation, you must pay attention. You must take note for the indicators that hint at your real skin type. Read and learn, please.
If you have oily skin, then you are suffering from oily secretions in summer and winter. Moreover, you still face acne and blackheads problems. It is true that oily skin women have to deal with much trouble, but they can still keep their youth for a longer time.
If you have a combination skin, you must have fallen between the cracks! You must feel like a castaway. So you do not know your real skin type. For you are suffering from oily secretions and blackheads, but you sometimes feel dryness. In particular, with the turning of the seasons.
To discover the truth, you must know if you are suffering from oily secretions only in the T-zone. Also, you notice a bit of dryness under the eyes and the cheeks. If that is so, then you have a combination, not oily skin.
Oily skins never feel dry but secrete oils all year round. If you are dry-skinned, then you often suffer redness and your skin peels. So shortly after applying the moisturizer you notice your skin dries again. Besides, your skin is sensitive towards excessive makeup applications. Excessive makeup tends to cause more irritating complications.

So, discover your real skin type to know how to use the right lotions for it. Always stay zealous for a radiant look and ageless skin.


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