5 Habits to Develop for Superhuman Brain

Fight Alzheimer by gradually implementing these habits in your daily life.
I recall reading a survey about “maintaining mental sharpness.” The results of that study were that 65% of participants expressed that keeping a healthy brain was the biggest problem they face. That was years ago, but I suspect nothing much has changed. Most people I know are worried in one way or another about their brain health; it is logical because the quality of life is significantly affected by our brain health. We are constantly bombarded by new information from the moment we wake up until we sleep. Even when we sleep the brain is still working. A brain functioning at its peak is imperative to be a productive individual. Still, studies show that brain diseases are rising on alarming rate, it is racing to the top list of 21st-century health challenges.
Benjamin Franklin was fond of saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I believe that is true. So what can we do to fortify ourselves in this age of rampant dementia and other brain killers? Soon you will reach your mid-age, if you have not already. There is still hope for you in both cases.
There are many things you can start doing to activate your immune system, here is five of them:
One: Implement a Mediterranean Diet: More and more studies reveal that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and trendiest diet on Earth. For a reason. With its attention to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil and even red wine, your brain will thank you. The Mediterranean diet has various verities, and it can actually harm you if you do not pay attention and “tweak” what you eat. It helps to fight off type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and Parkinson’s diseases. Researchers found out that Med. Diet improve blood vessel health, in the same vein, it improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels, leading to building an active brain able to fight disorders such as Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s.
Two: A Blueberry a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Blueberries is a superfood. Research conducted on animals such as rats, found out that incorporating blueberries in their diets improved their memory strength and capability to learn. Another recent study suggests that blueberries contain abundant anti-oxidant substances which are integral in fighting advanced forms of dementia, such as weakening cognitive abilities and skills. Blueberries also are effective in improving vision and memory. Neuroplasticity theorists recommend blueberries to aid in quite literally reverse the brain’s structure to a healthier shape. Doctors also recommend taking a half-cup daily for best results.
Three: Stock the yellow goodness: One of my survivalist friends like to stock on Curry, in the case of the apocalypse he wants to keep a steady supply of this magical herb. His reasons are good. The records show that India has the lowest rates in dementia. Curcumin is the brain’s BFF! It guards the brain cells by stopping the harmful protein beta-amyloid from forming, which is associated with dementia. Curcumin comes in many forms and shapes. You can cook a salmon curry, that way you kill two birds with one stone. Enjoying the omega-3 fats in salmon, and benefiting from the curcumin in the curry. You can also combine it with black pepper, which helps in making your body absorb curcumin 1000 better. Curcumin also has more benefits such as fighting inflammation and cancer and pain relief.
Four: Exercise: In our modern times, we can get what we want with a few clicks. That was not the case thousands of years ago, or maybe hundreds, humans were active, they had to get up and move so they can survive. Now it is more vital than ever to move your body more. There are tons of activity you can choose from such as yoga, lifting, running or even walking. The point is to move. Just keep consistent with your workouts. Your brain needs oxygen to thrive, being active is the best way to provide your brain with oxygen. A new study show that aerobic exercise is as important as cognitive brain training. So don’t neglect that fact.
Five: Eliminate Stress: Stress drastically reduces brain activity. Ergo, it is indispensable to devise a stress inflection program to help you eliminate stress from your daily life. It does not matter if it is drawing, creating music, or yoga. Scientific examination proved that yoga has a favorable role in elevating your mood, meditation also has similar effects. Actually, a study showed that practicing meditation more often, improve your state of mind and settle any irritations in your body – The brain nods in approval!
Meditation is also effective in bumping up the blood circulation, which translates to more oxygen for the brain. The disciple of mindfulness reinforces your capacity to live in the present moment; this practice is a sure way to develop brain gray matter quantity, especially, if you have gone through deeply stressful situations in your life. Stress is brain’s worst enemy, avoid it like the plague by developing your ability to withstand it.
This is just the beginning; reflect on those five things and you can start doing today. Preserving your brain for years to come is in your hands, the earlier you start to take that responsibility the more you can live longer with your intelligence intact no matter how many years passes. Find more information on deannaminich.com
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