The Basics of SEO

The Basics of SEO

the basics of search engine optimization
The Basics of of SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science of ranking websites on the highest place possible.

Why is SEO Important in Internet Marketing?

When you want something what is the first thing you do? That's right, you search for it on Google. You click on the first results and don't go beyond the first page.
When people want something they search for it on Google. So you want to make sure your website appear on the top. If people can't find your website it might as well doesn't exist.

How Can People Find Your Website?

You want people to find your website by searching for certain words. These are called keywords. Your website must have a "theme" and your keywords must reflect that theme.
So your keywords are the words that people type in Google to get to you. What do you sell? What are you known for? All your content should focus on these words. So in some sense, you predict what people will search for before they search for it.
It isn't complicated. If you think about it for a moment.

How to write SEO content?

Content comes in all forms and shapes. When it comes to SEO, the best way known to humankind is blogging. Your website must have a blog. You use the blog to publish articles that contain your keywords. The more you publish keyword-rich articles, your chance to rank higher increase.
The trick is to publish useful blog posts. If you publish just for the sake of publishing, it will backfire.
Post a full article following all known rules so that search engines notice your website.

Social Media VS. SEO

The expansion of social media overshadowed SEO a little bit. You can't neglect social media as a source of traffic to your website. But, SEO is still important.
On social media, you can't publish long articles, but you can entertain the audience. And entice them to read your longer posts on your websites.
Those who use social media has a shorter span of attention. So you need to act fast and witty.
Social Media and SEO go hand in hand, and when you marry them, you can have FREE traffic to your website.
By free, I mean you don't have to pay for ads, but you have to put the work.
This is important to understand, because, in the internet world, free is not always free. :D


SEO is a disciple and it is a lot of work. Any internet marketing strategy should put SEO at the forefront of its priorities. SEO is changing and the tactics that worked yesterday, will not work today. The important thing is to play by the rules because you can harm your website if you use black hat methods.

Always observe and test your knowledge. Give it your attention, and you will see great results. But if you decide to be lazy, your website will never rank for anything.


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