In the past couple of days, I embarked on a new operation, a plan for my social media presence. I ended up closing and removing any trace I can find leading to me.

Yes, I closed all of my social media accounts and save for a handful of accounts, I have no online presence. And those accounts are there because there’s no option to delete them.

In any case, I’m taking a break, but at the same time have a new idea, I found my one true niche: Law. My next operation will be focusing on law, because it’ll help me in a meaningful way. I was giving value to everyone, but I was gaining nothing but fame, and I want more than fame.

I want to learn, so by focusing on law stuff, I can create content and learn from the process, and contribute to my academic success. My initial thought is my Google account, I have Google Plus, Blogger, YouTube, I don’t need any other network, those are pretty enough for my purposes.

So starting with the new month (July), I will have a clear plan, and a path to follow. I need to stay cool and think deeply about the subject, and make a detailed plan of action to determine how to proceed from here.

While I’m a true student of law, I will focus my education in law in general, not just the subjects I study, although it is a good starting point. But I want to know the results, because I might repeat the year, I’m not sure if I’m moving up or staying where I am.

As I said, I deleted everything. I hope I did the right thing. I’m going to start anew, in a more profitable direction, away from all the past nonsense.

I’m going to focus on results!


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