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The Story of My Life, so far...

Join me as I discuss my journey and the reasons why I left my family business and started freelancing. Plus. a deeply guarded secret that made me survive for very long, and kept me happy despite all the misery and drama life throw at my way.

The Basics of SEO

The Basics of SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science of ranking websites on the highest place possible. Why is SEO Important in Internet Marketing? When you want something what is the first thing you do? That's right, you search for it on Google. You click on the first results and don't go beyond the first page. When people want something they search for it on Google. So you want to make sure your website appear on the top. If people can't find your website it might as well doesn't exist. How Can People Find Your Website? You want people to find your website by searching for certain words. These are called keywords. Your website must have a "theme" and your keywords must reflect that theme. So your keywords are the words that people type in Google to get to you. What do you sell? What are you known for? All your content should focus on these words. So in some sense, you predict what people will search for before they search …


In the past couple of days, I embarked on a new operation, a plan for my social media presence. I ended up closing and removing any trace I can find leading to me.
Yes, I closed all of my social media accounts and save for a handful of accounts, I have no online presence. And those accounts are there because there’s no option to delete them.
In any case, I’m taking a break, but at the same time have a new idea, I found my one true niche: Law. My next operation will be focusing on law, because it’ll help me in a meaningful way. I was giving value to everyone, but I was gaining nothing but fame, and I want more than fame.
I want to learn, so by focusing on law stuff, I can create content and learn from the process, and contribute to my academic success. My initial thought is my Google account, I have Google Plus, Blogger, YouTube, I don’t need any other network, those are pretty enough for my purposes.
So starting with the new month (July), I will have a clear plan, and a path to follo…

Film el 3eed



The Portfolio is the most important element in my business. I want to build a big, strong portfolio, to show my skills and what I am capable of creating. I have a basic idea, I want to capitalize on my skills and have my own projects.
I should start writing eBooks because they’re a great way to market myself. I actually published a Kindle book. I love writing and researching, so this is a no-brainer.
Doing voice over is also great addition to my portfolio. I have tons of audios that I will upload to Soundcloud soon.
TRANSLATION PROJECTS. I am translating my own writings any publishing on my website.