My Favorite Android Apps of All Time

My Favorite Android Apps of All Time
My Favorite Android Apps of All Time

Mobile Apps are like extensions of my mind. I can’t live without them; they are the tools I use to build my business. Without them, there are few things I can do. I made this list of the apps I use daily. I hope you like it.

Best Productivity Apps for Android

Evernote: I don't know any blogger or writer who doesn't use it. Evernote is super important; it allows me to write my thoughts and save them so I can come back to them later. It is like a Notebook I use to keep my drafts. It is a reliable assistant.

Google Drive: Is easy to use, and allows me to sync files between my computer and mobile. It gives me a lot of space to save all my important photos and documents, and all other types of data.

CCleaner: It scans my mobile for unwanted files and removes them. It cleans storage and makes my mobile faster.

Memrise: It is a fantastic education app, it has tons of courses in all languages and many other topics. It is a cool app. It keeps me educated and challenges me to learn more.

Moon+ Reader: This is the app I use to read all my eBooks. It opens PDF, epub, and mobi files. It makes reading pleasure, and it is the best ebook reader app I've seen.


VLC for Android: For music and video files I use this app. It has thousands of features that make listening to music enjoyable and high-quality. is another great social and music apps. It is so easy to use, and helpful to create music videos and share them with friends. Ahmedology.

Top 10 Social Media Apps

Upwork: The Upwork app is revolutionary, I can apply for jobs using it. It helps me a lot in keeping in touch with my clients. It also alerts me of new messages so I can answer them as soon as they arrive.

Viber: Is another fantastic tool to keep in touch with all my social contacts. I can also make free calls and send messages to my contacts. A handy app.

Truecaller: I don't have to worry about strange numbers. This app always tells me who is calling the moment they call. It also has an unusual feature which tells me when the number I'm calling is busy.

Instagram: Marketing on Instagram is quite creative. I would like to spend more time on this app. It is the best app for sharing my photos and also creating new business relations. @AhmedAdelBlog

SnapChat: I'm quite active on SnapChat. I post weekly on Thursdays. It is a great app for video marketing. Snapchat is growing every day, and it is so personal and modern at the same time. @BodyJumper

Twitter: A cool app I use to track my Twitter activity. I post daily and like to follow experts and other cool persons. Please come with me. @Ahhmmmeedd

Facebook: Every mobile comes loaded with Facebook. It is an essential tool for any marketer. I have a Page. Facebook is useful for maintaining social relationships. Family and business. @ahmedthemarketer

Facebook Messenger: Most of my social interactions are on Messenger. It has tons of features that I need to explore more. It makes chatting and reading messages a breeze.

Tinder: Studies show that less than 3% of Tinder matches will meet in real life. Tinder is a dating app, where you can find your soulmate, but I use it for business and research reasons! It is the love app.

WhatsApp: Hand in hand with the messenger, this app is important in keeping in touch with my social links. I can connect with anyone anywhere anytime. Super relevant.

In the end, thanks for reading and please tell me, what is your favorite app? I am always looking to add new apps to my arsenal.


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