How I Became More Confident and Increased My Value

I've always been good with girls, but I want to go from banging 7s and 8s, to fucking the 9s and 10s. I want to be great. I built my ego up by putting other people down. That's how I made myself feel better. This is what insecure people do, they put other people down because they can't raise their own value up. They don't know how to do that because they are cowards who seek value and watch bad tv.

Insecure people don't know how to raise their own value. So instead of finding a way to increase their own value, which of course make them more confident and better person, they instead put other people down so relatively they now have more value. That's not good for the world, not good for themselves, not good for their sex lives. And when their sex lives are not good they sleep with any woman. And I don't know about you, but I want to ride a Ferrari, not an SUV. That's just not my style.

So here's the deal. I started to ponder what I can do to build my own confidence up, to actually face my insecurity? To meet it head on? How can I be more confident? How can I become more valuable without having to put other people down?

I found that two kinds of guys who get laid.

1. The Badass: That's the man who gets the hottest girls, not just the 7s and 8s. That's the guy who puts himself at the top, and he challenges everyone else up to his level.

2. The Jerk: That's the man who pushes other people down and ends up alone and tired. And even after he bangs the 7, he still jerks off because he is not happy with himself or the people around him. Because he always values seeking, because he always pushes people down, because the jerk is a coward, because he doesn't read my articles.

So what do I do now? I figured out how to get value for myself and how to increase my confidence. I learned how to rise up so I could inspire and challenge other people up to that level as well.

The first thing I did was ditching the whole concept of confidence because I think it is some intangible thing, it is reachable, and then it's not, it is an abstract concept that doesn't mean anything. Instead, I replaced it with what I call "Reset to Factory Settings."

1. Reset to Factory Settings:

In the past, I sometimes remember when I felt like having the blues, I was terrible, coward, quite, and shy. Nothing. But, there were also other times when I was the man, I was open, in beast mode. A badass.

So apparently both versions of me exist within. Every version of everything possible exists within me. It is which setting I am going to access most of the time. So the state of which I am in most often becomes my factory and default setting.

In theory, if I put myself in the "confident." dominant, leading, challenging, teasing, disqualifying, successful, ambitious, active state. If I get in that ideal state all of the time eventually that's will be my default setting, that will become my factory setting. The state that I wake up in and go to sleep to, so I don't have to worry about being confident, just put myself in that state all of the time until it becomes natural for me.

It's state management, it's factory settings control. So whenever I notice I'm feeling good, fantastic, I stay there. Use that, soak it up, be awesome. And at the times when I see, it is waning and disappearing. I shock me back into the state. Whatever it takes. Maybe it is a song, maybe it is a heavy cutting through movement, dance, a piece of clothing, a hat I can wear. It could be anything, whatever I need to do to put myself back in that great state, and I constantly do it over and over again. Eventually, it becomes my default settings.

That's one way to ground my confidence within myself. The reason this is so powerful is that before I got my confidence from putting other people down which meant for me to be confident I had to rely on others. I don't want ever to rely on others for anything. I want to be independent. I want to be autonomous. Badass human being.

So with my constant factory settings training my confidence lies within me, no one can take that away from me ever, I can be completely alone with no one to put down and still find it within myself.

That's number one.

2. The Vision:

I have a big throbbing vision for myself. I can see it. I can picture it. And I know what's it gonna look like, and I know I will do it. That makes me confident. And that vision belongs to me, I don't need other people for it. I can see it in myself, I can believe it'll happen, I'm just gonna be overly optimistic, and that gives men an instant surge of confidence.

BTW, every person who is incredibly lucky had that same thing, had that same tremendous vision that everyone thought was retarded because most people are retarded so it doesn't even matter. But, lucky people knew it is possible, they over-believed they can do it, they were overly-optimistic. They were completely unrealistic about it.

That's number 2.

3. Macro Momentum:

Small victories build momentum. When I start the day, I start it with a few small victories. And I make them a little bit harder and harder, as I keep going I pick up this positive momentum throughout the day. It also becomes a habit.

Lastly, teasing girls could also build my confidence. It is relying on others, that's why it is not my main ingredient in my dish. This is the vegetables around the meat and potato, they're not important.

There's a difference between putting girls down and being playful with them. Women like to feel wanted, so by being playfully challenging with them, I became more confident.

Giving the Devil his due: This blog post was a transcription of a vlog made by Jason Capital.


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