A Chapter From My Diary Book

3rd May – Whatever you do, don’t publish it online!

Seriously, don’t post this online!

My girlfriend used to tell me that I underestimate myself, in fact, many people told me that I’m way valuable and knowledgeable than I care to credit myself. I didn’t believe them. But I’m starting to.

My ideas are original, and my work is uniquely different from the rest, I finally can give credit to myself with an honest heart, after what I’ve seen, and what I’ve seen is that anything I publish online, is taken and manipulated for the benefit of others, and they don’t bother giving credit where credit is due.

I do that, I always cite sources, and give credits, that has never been returned, so why should I throw away the labor of my soul for others to use for their benefits? It seems rather stupid, so I’m stopping it this instant.

No one cares for the efforts I put in my work, but “suddenly” everyone wants to enjoy the fruit of my labor, I’m not talking about everyone, but the greatest majority tends to take and take, and never give back.

I’m going to be very careful from now on, what I share and with whom. With all the stealing and never giving credit back, I’m the Source Code, and they can’t crack that or even have it because I’m the Source of it all. But that doesn’t stop them from trying, let them try.

What I need is someone I can trust, and I try hard to find them to no avail. Let me be clear, a few years ago, I started my journey to immortality and started being “active.” 


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