Self-Awareness: What is it? Plus, 8 Tips to Improve Self-Awareness, and Making a Difference

Self Awareness is Everything

Self Awareness is the foundation of power and success. We need to understand how to be self-aware. So what is self-awareness? "who am I?" and "what do I want?" These are ancient questions but still relevant today. In this article, I will share the answers and much more.

Becoming self-aware is the process of understanding yourself. For me "know thyself" means being able to assess (realistically) several dimensions of myself. It is about knowing my strengths, my weaknesses, what I want, and what I do not want as well.

Self-awareness is about developing genuine leadership. You are who you are. You are authentic, but you cannot be authentic if you imitate someone else. As Hemingway said, "You cannot get away from yourself by moving from one place to another."

Yes, we learn from others, we have to learn from others, but we cannot be others. By being authentic, only then you can inspire others. You then may become a leader who can motivate and guide other people towards achieving their goals and visions.

The question is how we can know ourselves? How can we understand ourselves? It is not the easiest thing in the world, so some tips are:

1. Have faith in who you are, and in what you want to be. In your heart, say "I can do it!" and honestly believe that this is the noble purpose of life.

2. Focus. Prioritize. Some goals have more priority over other goals. Focus your energy, attention, and workload. Put self-awareness on the top of your list.

3. Time. Manage time. Lead with time. Time is becoming a scarce commodity nowadays, everywhere. Invest the time to learn about yourself.

4. Follow up. Dedicate efforts to working on knowing who you are. Work on it, alone and with people. Don't be afraid to show passion. Don't hesitate to express persistence. You cannot do it alone.

5. Ask. Ask questions. Ask yourself. Ask others. Ask for help and reflect on the answers. Question everything. 

6. Listen with empathy. Listen actively. Be quite and listen. More often answers all around you but you refuse to listen. You have two ears and one mouth.

7. Learn to improve. Learn to transform. Study yourself. Observe. Take notes. Record. Gather all the information you can.

8. Serve. Use the knowledge that you have to serve the community. Serve humanity. Serve your country. Serve your religion.

Why is this important? Because knowing yourself makes you happy, free, empowered, and confident. It gives you the inner peace that you lack sometimes. Self-awareness makes you feel fulfilled, self-actualized, secure, and motivated. All of that leads to better communication, better relationships, better negotiation, better behavior. In today's world, we need these skills.

The bright side is that you can develop self-awareness and know yourself better, you are not born with that ability. Which in turn leads to being able to create a context that is more favorable to you, the context which provides you with opportunities and with what you want, ultimately.

Furthermore, self-awareness allows you to be the person that you want to be. Hopefully, you want to be a good leader. For me, I believe that this is the meaning of life. After all, it all begins when you know yourself.

Ladies and gentleman, we are living in a new world which we do not yet fully understand. If I succeed to enlighten you just a little bit by offering this article today, just enough so that you learn a little bit more about yourselves, then we are already three steps ahead towards success.

I would like to mention prominently that policy makers responsibilities are people's hopes and dreams, jobs, and incomes. Sometimes in emerging countries like ours, it happens that the more you know, the more talented you are, the more travels you will have, it seems this is a policy, but it is our responsibility to change it.

What we need today in Egypt and across the globe is ideas. Smart people. Cultural Innovation. Excellent academics. Right politicians. We need diversity and merging of different cultures. We need a culture that respects everybody's experience and provides equal opportunities for all. This is how we shape success.

I will continue contributing to that because I have faith in a changed and a better world.


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