Would You Choose Love or Business? ❤

love is good business is better
Choose what you love, before it chooses you

Are you a mother? Do you have a boyfriend? A husband? Or even a lover? Are you running your own business? If you say yes to any of these questions. Then these words are for you; you must read them because they have the potential to change your love/business life forever!

It is very simple; you must be willing to put your business before anything else. Your business is your real lover; your business is your real child. If you're not willing to sacrifice anything for your business, don't even imagine that you will succeed.

All great entrepreneurs know that their ideas are everything. They breathe them, live them, and sleep with them. If they didn't, they wouldn't be great. It is a simple fact of life.

So are you willing to put everything you have in your business? If yes, then you will make happen it sooner or later. Anything else is just wasting time. The time that is better spent with those you love.

Congratulations, you just learnt the heart of every successful business. Now turn off that cell phone, and get to work!


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