Will Social Media Make Us Immortal?

Social Media permeates every aspect of your life. The world knows about you more than you care to admit. Depending on what you share online, someone you never met knows more about you than your parents does!
It is not a warning against the perils of Social Media. It is just some observations. You can leverage this tremendous opportunity, or someone else will.
Transhumanism is an international movement that revolves around the idea of immortality. Transhumanists say that technology will extend our lives to no limit. One of the paths to immortality is what they call Mind Uploading.
Social Media is a form Mind Uploading. Every piece of information you share about yourself is, in some sense, a part of your conscious. A hypothetical future technology will put together these pieces, and produce an avatar.
The replica will be a digital self that is in every way same as you. In the movie Ex Machina, the programmer created the perfect Android. There was a vital ingredient missing; Personality.
Ex Machina
Ava, the first A.I
He downloaded its personality from "Blue Book." Thus, created a robot with human nature. The ultimate artificial intelligence. This idea is not science fiction; it is happening now.
It begs the question; can we reduce human consciousness to a bunch of code?
Another movie that describes this idea is, Chappie. Chappie is a robot that became sentient, capable of feeling and loving. The film explores the idea of transferring human consciousness into a robot body. Thus, enabling humans to jump between bodies, and living forever.
The technology to achieve these wonders is in the making. Some experts are worried, and they even warn against the consequences.
If you are a conspiracy theorist, or if you believe in technology. The philosophy is sound, and if you live long enough, you may see it unfold before your eyes.
Be careful of what you share on Social Media! It will be your true self in the future. Unless you care about what your grandchildren will think of you, ignore this whole thing!
Remember, everything you post has the potential to remain there forever.
If you want to outlive your physical body, Social Media is a good starting point, but there are more.
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