3 Things To Do On The First Date


These days it is becoming harder for guys to score a date, so kudos to you, especially if she is hot.

The first date is very important because the girl will decide if she wants to see you again.

A lot of guys ask us what the hell do you do on the first date?

I can go on and on, and fill hundreds of pages but I will try to narrow it down a little bit.

It is easy enough if you pay attention.

Do Not Be a Pussy:

It is not a mystery that confident guys attract girls. So you have to take that first date to show the girl how confident you really are.

(What if you are not a confident guy? What do you do?)

Easy. You have to go home, and cry yourself to sleep.

Now on a date to be confident and not be a pussy. You need to take chances, do not play it safe. Playing it safe is not attractive. What is boring and safe? If you start talking about work, school, family, news, etc. Those are the topics you speak about with a distant aunt when you haven't seen her for 5 years. That's not how a man talks to a woman.

A lot of girls will tell you they want guys to take them to a romantic dinner but that's not what they really want. What is more important than how much you pay for dinner is how well you and that girl connect.

How to Connect with a Girl on the First Date:

You can play The Question Game, it is simple and easy to play. Start the game by saying something like, "Hey, let's play a game, it's called the question game. There are four rules, 1) We ask each other questions back and forth. 2) We have to say the truth no matter how the question is awkward or hard. 3) If you can't answer the question or don't want to you can say "pass." Sidenote: That rule is to make the girl comfortable playing the game. 90% of the time they'll answer any questions you ask. 4) You can't ask the same question that I asked you and vice versa."

The reason this game is really great is you get to know each other on a deeper level. It is an interesting and quick way to connect with her. Moreover, you can use it to make the conversation more sexual. Start with easy and fun questions like: "If you have all the money in the world what would you do first?" or "If you can live anywhere in the world where would you live?" Questions that are creative and open-ended and fun to answer are good starting questions.

Then, move to more personal questions, like "How many boyfriends you had?" or "what's the craziest place you ever had sex?" or "what is your favourite sex position?" You get the point.

Warning: It is a mistake to play this game for so long. You'll run out of questions, and it will become annoying. The moment you feel that it is getting boring, stop, and start touching her body. AKA Physical Escalation. You can go in for the make-out. You can say let's go back to my place for dessert. Whatever. Just don't get stuck in asking questions for too long.

Kissing a Girl on the First Date:

The next tip I am going to give you is about kissing. Should you kiss a girl on a first date? YES. YOU. SHOULD. Even if she rejects your kiss, the fact that you attempted to do it is all that matters.

I know a very attractive female who has been going on a lot of dates. She hates first dates because guys act too polite and so sweet because they don't want to "fail." Again, girls want a confident guy.

Go for kissing her on the first date. If she denies the kiss, no big deal. Some girls might have a rule where they don't kiss guys on the first date, or they won't have sex on the first date. Anyways, if you give it a shot, you will seem to her more confident because you tried.

If you are comfortable with those small little rejections, and then you try again later. Most girls will break their rules, or at the very least, bend them.

I wrote this article to motivate you to go out and do shit. Life is too short to be sitting home watching tv or watching porn all day.

If you are already going out and doing shit, do what you want with this information. Just don't break too many hearts.


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