How to Write the Title for Your Blog Post Like a Pro Copywriter

A pro copywriter reveals the secrets of the trade!

Writing headlines is the biggest challenge in blogging. It is perhaps the most important piece in your blog post. If you are struggling with writing great headlines, here are some tips and techniques to help you write a better headline.

First of all, headlines are pretty important for a couple of reasons. Jay Abraham famous for having said that “A change of headline can make a 20 times improvement in response or acceptance by your customer of the prospect of your proposition.”

Even if that is half the truth, it is a pretty good reason to think about your headlines.

“The Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy, who have done much testing on headlines and direct response, talked a lot about how readers are 5x likely to read your headlines than the body of your post.

So It is really important to get your headlines straight.

The core question is what a good headline do?

  1. A good headline Communicate Clearly, it is not too smart and does not try to be too cute. Usually good for grabbing the reader’s attention, and keep him reading.
  2.  Good headlines Target the Problem that the customer is dealing with when they come to read your blog post.
  3. It Promises a Needed Benefit or Solution for the problem.
  4. Usually Written in the Customer’s Voice and it makes customers want to read on and to continue with the blog post.

So the best way to write good headlines is to

5.  Use Formulas! Why use formulas? #1, they work and #2 because they save time.

For example, a writer named Lisa Smith who is the head writer at Maverick Space set a personal goal to write 500 headlines for Shine toothpaste. She did it; they were not all good, but it is a fascinating experiment.

The real amazing thing about it is it took 200 hours to write 500 headlines; that is five weeks!

Nobody has time for that, don't you think?

Especially when you are running a business, or trying to start a blog, or trying to make any amount of money from what you are doing.

You just don’t have that kind of time.

Keep Reading.
So a formula can really help you save time and let you focus on what your readers want to know.

There are hundreds of headlines formulas online, here’s some examples you might want to test:

a.       “How to ___ Even if You are ___”
That is how to get something or do something even if it is really hard or you do not have the skill.
Example: How to Write a Book Even if You Failed in English Classes or How to Dominate the Best Seller's List Even if You Cannot Type.

b.       “How to ___ Like ___” or “Do ___ Like ___”
First blank being something beneficial, and the second blank is an expert.
Example: How to Save Money Like a Professional Accountant or How to Play Drums Like Buddy Rich.

c.       “3 Reasons Why ___ Something ___” Example: 3 Reasons Why Your Doctor is Not Telling You the Truth About Your Diet. Or, 3 Reasons that Your Vet is Not Telling You About How to Take Care of Your Pet.

When using formulas for headlines often, people say that is copying and plagiarism; you cannot do that. That is not true.

You are not copying somebody else’s headlines word for word. You are adding in your own words and your own ideas.

The may inspire you and give you new ideas. You really are not copying it; you are making it your own.

But, there is a catch, and that is you should not start with writing headlines. You got to start somewhere else, and that is reader research, you must understand the reader, you need to understand the problem the blog post solves. You need to figure out what is going on in your reader’s head when they start looking for your blog post, and you need to understand how they talk about your blog.

Once you have those golden words, you can infuse them in your formula to make it work. If you do the research combined with a formula (and a little bit of work) you are almost guaranteed to come up with a pretty good blog post.

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