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Practical tips to reach thought leadership
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Thought leadership is the highest level you can reach in your industry whatever it is, and you won't get it until you achieve something exceptionally different or outsmart all of your competitors in and out of your company. In this article, you will learn more about the meaning of being a thought leader and the seven steps to reach thought leadership.

Who is a Thought Leader?

He is the person who managed to retain a special place in the subconscious of a group of individuals who are interested in a particular industry or field, whereas they would always connect that area with him. By that, it will help him to achieve his mission and vision quickly.


Noam Chomsky in journalism.
Magdi Yacoub in heart surgery.
Seth Godin in marketing.

Whether you agree or disagree on the names, ultimately you can agree that they are thought leaders in their fields.

The Seven Steps to Thought Leadership:

1. Get Knowledge, Get Experience, Then Notice: Absence of any part of those three steps will not give you the whole science. Therefore it will be a fake thought leadership because it will be incomplete.

2. Be Strategic: The existence of time strategy will keep your achievement rate constant, and doesn't degrade as time passes.

3. Have Your Own White Crow: You can achieve it by observance if you have it will be easier to reach the place you want to be very quickly.

4. Story Telling: Talk to people about your story, dreams and your vision and mission. Provided that you be natural, without exaggeration, make sure you back up your words with actions.

5. Use Social Networks: Don't forget the power of social media and how it can help you to reach your target audience quicker and achieve your mission in less time.

6. Be Helpful: Helping people is not a way to spread but a goal. The more people you can help, the more your authority will increase, and that number of people will help you to achieve your objectives.

7. Keep in Touch with Trends: Focusing on what you are doing doesn't mean isolation from the world and what's happening in it. Follow people's interests.

What do you think of thought leadership?


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