Do Not Hire Me!

Time = Money
Time = Money

I will not try swaying you to hire me. I am not in business to tell people who should they hire. In fact, I think it is unfair that you pay me for something you can do yourself. If I can fix something broken in my house, I would not hire someone to do it for me; I would depend on myself to do it.

Time and time again a client would hire me, learn how I do what I do and then hire somebody else to do it. Nothing stays still, something new, better, and improved always render the old methods obsolete. I always wanted to say that I am not worried that someone will use my "secrets" against me.

The truth is if I said something that worked for them. Great. It means that I am doing it right and that someone found value in my content. Finally, I do not try to convince anybody to hire me. I will just let the record show and work on perfecting my craft, and the business will come to me.

However, I will not terrorize you into hiring me because I am the right candidate. At the end of the day, if you can do it yourself. Do not hire me.


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