A Message from Your Past Self

Hey, Ahmed!
I am your past self, and I have a message for you.
See? I told you, all the hard work will pay off. All those lonely nights and bullying were not in vain.
I see that life is treating you pretty well. I am delighted that you made it. Have fun; you earned it.
Listen, I know you do not have the time right now. But do you remember that girl you used to fantasize about all the time?
I bet she is calling you non-stop, now that you got the money, cars, and bling-bling.
Do not engage; I repeat do not engage.
Remember when you asked her for help, and she was "busy?" Remember when you were busting your butt trying to make it while she was out with other guys having a blast? Remember all those things and more.
She is old and forsaken now. Forget her.


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