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[Audio] This is the First Day in the Rest of Your Life!

A Strange New World

He is a surgeon. A superhero. And a Sorcerer Supreme. He even got named dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But who is exactly Marvel’s mystical champion; Doctor Strange?
Here’s everything you need to know about Doctor Strange.
Who is Doctor Strange?
The legendary Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Doctor Strange in 1963. The same team who gave birth to Spiderman a year earlier. The good doctor made his first appearance in the fittingly titled Strange Tales #110 and the backup story called “Dr Strange Master of Black Magic!”
Before ever wearing the colourful cloak of the Sorcerer Supreme, Steven Strange was a wealthy and famous neurosurgeon, but he was something of a jerk less concerned with the plight of his patients than he was with his own greedy and selfish needs. Eventually, though, a car accident changed all that. With his perfect surgeon hands damaged beyond repair. Strange quickly fell in hard times, but legends of the mystic called “The Ancient One” led Strange all the …

How Long Does It Take To Reap The Fruits Of Your SEO Labour?

Have you ever wondered if SEO takes too long? You ever wondered how long you could expect SEO efforts to take to make an impact on your website? This blog post is all about that.

Thank you for reading. I studied SEO for a few minutes. I am Ahmed, and I would love to help you get more visitors to your website. One of those ways is with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you are familiar with SEO at all, you may have heard that SEO is not one of those overnight strategies.

The truth is, yes, SEO does take time, it is not an overnight plan and unless you've never tried SEO before and if you've also had your website up and running for a while. And you clean up any tech issues that might be occurring on your site. In that case, you may see a particular spike within a month or so. But otherwise, SEO take a while.

It may take you three months, six months, sometimes even a year to see actual results from your SEO efforts. Why is this the case? Three things are going on that make SEO t…

3 Things To Do On The First Date


These days it is becoming harder for guys to score a date, so kudos to you, especially if she is hot.

The first date is very important because the girl will decide if she wants to see you again.

A lot of guys ask us what the hell do you do on the first date?

I can go on and on, and fill hundreds of pages but I will try to narrow it down a little bit.

It is easy enough if you pay attention.

Do Not Be a Pussy:
It is not a mystery that confident guys attract girls. So you have to take that first date to show the girl how confident you really are.

(What if you are not a confident guy? What do you do?)

Easy. You have to go home, and cry yourself to sleep.

Now on a date to be confident and not be a pussy. You need to take chances, do not play it safe. Playing it safe is not attractive. What is boring and safe? If you start talking about work, school, family, news, etc. Those are the topics you speak about with a distant aunt when you haven't seen her for 5 years. That's not h…

How to Write the Title for Your Blog Post Like a Pro Copywriter

Writing headlines is the biggest challenge in blogging. It is perhaps the most important piece in your blog post. If you are struggling with writing great headlines, here are some tips and techniques to help you write a better headline.
First of all, headlines are pretty important for a couple of reasons. Jay Abraham famous for having said that “A change of headline can make a 20 times improvement in response or acceptance by your customer of the prospect of your proposition.”

Even if that is half the truth, it is a pretty good reason to think about your headlines.
“The Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy, who have done much testing on headlines and direct response, talked a lot about how readers are 5x likely to read your headlines than the body of your post.
So It is really important to get your headlines straight.
The core question is what a good headline do?
A good headline Communicate Clearly, it is not too smart and does not try to be too cute. Usually good for grabbing the reader’s a…

Will Social Media Make Us Immortal?

Social Media permeates every aspect of your life. The world knows about you more than you care to admit. Depending on what you share online, someone you never met knows more about you than your parents does! It is not a warning against the perils of Social Media. It is just some observations. You can leverage this tremendous opportunity, or someone else will. Transhumanism is an international movement that revolves around the idea of immortality. Transhumanists say that technology will extend our lives to no limit. One of the paths to immortality is what they call Mind Uploading. Social Media is a form Mind Uploading. Every piece of information you share about yourself is, in some sense, a part of your conscious. A hypothetical future technology will put together these pieces, and produce an avatar. The replica will be a digital self that is in every way same as you. In the movie Ex Machina, the programmer created the perfect Android. There was a vital ingredient missing; Personality. He d…

A Message from Your Past Self

Hey, Ahmed! I am your past self, and I have a message for you. See? I told you, all the hard work will pay off. All those lonely nights and bullying were not in vain. I see that life is treating you pretty well. I am delighted that you made it. Have fun; you earned it. Listen, I know you do not have the time right now. But do you remember that girl you used to fantasize about all the time? I bet she is calling you non-stop, now that you got the money, cars, and bling-bling. Do not engage; I repeat do not engage. Remember when you asked her for help, and she was "busy?" Remember when you were busting your butt trying to make it while she was out with other guys having a blast? Remember all those things and more. She is old and forsaken now. Forget her.

فن الكتابة وسرّ الإبداع

المبدع هو من يخلق ما لا مثيل له من فن أو فكر أو عمل، فيأتي خلقه متقناً ومتميّزاً عن كلّ ما سواه. ولا بدّ للمبدع أن يسكب كلّ حبّه في إبداعه، لا بل يضع فيه من ذاته ويطبع بصماته عليه.
ومن الإبداعات الّتي جمّل بها الإنسان هذا العالم، فنّ الكتابة. فالكتابة، وهي صياغة الكلمة، لا تصبح إبداعاً إلّا إذا انطبعت بروح الكاتب، فتلمس قلب القارئ وتنير عقله. وتمسي القطعة الأدبيّة هي المبدع لأنّها تعبّر عن أفكاره وهواجسه ومشاعره وأحلامه. كما تصبح هويّته الأساسيّة تعرّف عنه وتعكس صورته.
والكاتب ليس مؤلّفاً وحسب وإنّما هو كذلك المصغي للوحي، يستنير بنور الكلمة ليجسّدها على الورق. وإن لم يفعل صار أشبه بخائن لها. وعندما يجسّد هذه الكلمة لا بدّ أن تمتلك شيئاً من خصوصيّته وإلّا بدت للقارئ جافة وباهتة.
وأقول وحياً، لأنّ الوحي فقط متى تجسّد كلمات أدخل إلى روحنا لذّة العودة إليه لقراءته مرّات ومرّات وفي كلّ مرّة نشعر أنّنا نقرأه للمرّة الأولى. وهنا الفرق بين كاتب وآخر، قد نقرأ كتاباً أو مقالاً ونشعر أنّه مجرّد معلومات منثورة بشكل منمّق أم سرد نثري أبرع كاتبه في حياكة الأسلوب ونكتفي بذلك. وقد نقرأ آخر فيبدو لنا…

Do Not Hire Me!

I will not try swaying you to hire me. I am not in business to tell people who should they hire. In fact, I think it is unfair that you pay me for something you can do yourself. If I can fix something broken in my house, I would not hire someone to do it for me; I would depend on myself to do it.

Time and time again a client would hire me, learn how I do what I do and then hire somebody else to do it. Nothing stays still, something new, better, and improved always render the old methods obsolete. I always wanted to say that I am not worried that someone will use my "secrets" against me.

The truth is if I said something that worked for them. Great. It means that I am doing it right and that someone found value in my content. Finally, I do not try to convince anybody to hire me. I will just let the record show and work on perfecting my craft, and the business will come to me.

However, I will not terrorize you into hiring me because I am the right candidate. At the end of the …

Malaysia: Culture & History

Malaysia is positioned near north of the Equator, bounded by Thailand and Singapore. Malaysia is a federation of 13 states, with 11 on the Malaysian Peninsula and two on the island of Borneo. With more than 30 million inhabitants, an economical cost of living, and a tropical climate every season in the year, Malaysia continues to be a much sought after haven to gallivants from every corner of the earth.
Malaysia is a country with no shortage in diverseness. The first sign by which you'll come to appreciate that diversity is the friendly faces of those eagerly waiting to welcome you. Malaysia enjoys real multiculturalism where Malay, Indian, Chinese and minor ethnic groups, co-exist in consideration and tranquility.
Malaysia's different societal customs and traditions cast more excitement and glow without exception to every facet of life - from spirituality and festivities to savory dishes and modern buildings. The central tongue is Malay, but English is understood, s…

اقفش! 7 اساطير عن التسويق الالكتروني شركات كتيرة لسة مؤمنة بها!

1) "طول عمري فاكر اني محتاج احسن ترتيب الموقع بتاعي في نتائج محركات البحث."
لما بعمل تحليل للمنافسين بتوع عملائي عشان اقارن بين جميع اوجه الفاعلية في استراتيجية التسويق, بيكون تحسين اداء الموقع في محركات البحث عامل واحد من بين 30 عامل بدور فيهم.
ليه؟ لأن تحسين اداء الموقع في نتائج محركات البحث هو مجرد عامل واحد من العوامل الي بتأثر في ظهور شركتك للعملاء. انا مش بقول ان تحسين اداء الموقع في نتائج محركات البحث مش مهم, دا مهم جدا. بس بقول ان تحسين اداء الموقع في نتائج محركات البحث لوحده مش كفاية انهاردة, خاصة مع وجود منافسيين رقميين علي نمو وجود شركتك في العالم الافتراضي.
2) "طول عمري فاكر اني مش محتاج دراسة جدوي عشان اثبت شغلي." لما المشتري بيقيم منتجاتك او خدماتك, غالبا بيحتاج انه يتفرج علي امثلة من شغلك الي عملته قبل كدة. المشتري المحتمل دا عايز يعرف الحد الادني لقوة شغلك. لو عرضت عليه دراسة جدوي في شكل ارقام دقيقة, و وصف مفصل, مع شوية توصيات من عملاء سابقين عملتلهم شغل مماثل قبل كدة, هتسيب مساحة صغيرة للشك, و فرصة اكبر عشان يتأكد انك مناسب للمشروع.
3) "طول عمري فا…

أخيراً: 6 مباديء لصناعة محتوي اصلي

قبل ما تكمل قراءة احب افكرك انك لو مطبقتش حاجة من الكلام ده يبقي عليه العوض. و عامة الكلام مش كلامي انا بترجمه يمكن استفاد حاجة.
من غير لت و عجن, من غير لف و دوران, هي دي المباديء الاساسية عشان تصنع محتوي اصلي تقدر تنافس به في السوق المليان محتوي مش اصلي.
1. حط نفسك مكان المشتري: كل المحتوي بيبدأ و ينتهي عند تحديات المشتري, احتياجاته و اماله و اهدافه في الحياة, ادخل جوة دماغه و اعرف هو محتاج ايه. المحتوي مش عنك انت, المحتوي عن اي حاجة غير انه يكون عنك, إلا طبعاً لو عندك حكاية او تجربة شخصية هتنفع الناس.
2. خليك قديم: يعني خليك علوضعك, حيث الحاجات الي بتفهم فيها اكتر من اي حد تاني بتتقابل مع الحاجات الي زباينك عايزين منها كتير. خد الموضوع كأنك في كلية او معهد و لازم تذاكر عشان تنجح.
3. خليك غزير الانتاج: لما تتكلم كلمتين و تسكت ده مش صناعة محتوي خالص. لو طبقت المباديء دي هتبقي ماكنة تصنيع محتوي, اصنع محتوي علي قد ما تقدر, علي امل ان حاجة تلطش معاك و تجيب نتيجة!
4. حب شغلك: لو انت مش مهتم بالحاجة الي انت بتتكلم فيها, ايه هيخلي اي حد تاني يهتم؟ حب شغلك و قدم احسن ما عندك, صناعة المحتوي بتاخد …