Looks can be deceiving (Nothing is what it seems)

In real life we wear many masks voluntarily or not, it is never easy to "be yourself" as your mind and psychology will often cloud your true personality. Lucky is the man who digs deep enough and allows his soul to shine through despite the blocks.

Online, it is even harder to be yourself, not for lack of communication skills, but also due to psychology, yours and others. Sometimes, the language barrier, among other factors.

Not everything that shine is gold!

I met and made friends with thousands of people from the internet; now they're either lifetime friends whom I cherish. For right or wrong, I know individuals who are the complete opposite of what they seem to be.

You must strive to match who you are inside with what you look like from the outside. To do that requires a lot of effort but it is worth it.


  1. Yes, you have to be very careful when meeting people from the internet. Be safe!

  2. I learned that the hard way, as they say. Safety first, always.


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